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About us

 Hearthy natural is the brainchild of two souls, two manual artists who grew up in a family whose only remedies were plants and vegetable oils.

Our grandmother, “our mentor”, taught us the love of plants and nature from a very young age, and we learned through her many recipes of remedies as well as 100% natural beauty products.

The desire to get closer to our Mother Earth is becoming more and more a need in itself. The desire to get to know her and learn more about the benefits of nature and its virtues for our body and mind is growing.

In response to this call, Hearthy Natural was born, a mixture of “hearty“: made with the heart and with love, and “earth” because all our products are made with the heart made from ingredients that come from the earth .

We think of each of our clients during the time of elaboration, so we establish a spiritual connection and an energy vibration through our products. All our products are manufactured using an energy synergy process.

Indeed, we went to the 5 continents in search of the best products for our customers and chose them with meticulousness to answer their needs.

So we brought our expertise, and we combined it with Western plants to create our footprint.

Our uniqueness lies in the fusion:

  • From ancestral to novelty,
  • From primary knowledge to advanced research
  • From fictitious beauty to natural beauty.

We try in our way to help the human to return to the sources in the respect of oneself and in the respect of the mother nature. All our products are handmade with 100% natural ingredients, and are at affordable prices, because natural beauty is a right for everyone.

Our Cosmetics are made from vegetables oils, butters, clay, floral water, natural waxes, etc… All our Raw materials are coming from all around the world to gives you access to try, to make your own experience, to make it happen at the comfort of your home.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for reading us, for being kind-hearted souls who have understood that the time has come to change things, and to embrace a better world, a world based on the principles of respect, love, caring, generosity and conscious presence.

There is a beginning for everything. Our is with you.

Some Of Our Reviews:

*Produit de superbes qualités ! 🌞 La crème hydratante et le gommage sont au toooop 😀 Belle découverte ! Je recommande à toutes les personnes qui veulent prendre soin d’elles avec des produits 100% naturels et en respect avec la nature !!! 🌿* Adéle Comet On Google.

*Super produits ! Le savon à l’argil aide beaucoup ma peau . Ma keratose pilaire diminue énormément ! Shampoing et revitalisant commandé, j’ai vraiment hâte 🤗🤗* Sant Flo On Google.

*I highly recommand Hearthy naturals products. Their face creams are HEAVEN!! My skin thanks then everyday, it highly hydrated and smooth it without any greasy leftovers. Can’t wait to discover your new products.* Marion Plouvin On Google.

*Bought the lip balm, make me young, cocooning cream and body soap. All extremely moisturizing and smell fantastic! Definitely recommend to anyone with insanely dry skin!* Gabrielle Saint Germain On Facebook.

*excellent service de la part de la créatrice  , et les produits sont simplement magnifique. Le revitalisant fait des miracles … à essayé vous serez ravis* Michelle le Houllier On Facebook.

Thank you for existing, we love you.

Hearthy Natural

*Our Products Care For You*

NB : Our Products are cruelty free, and almost all of them vegan.