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Chia Butter

Chia Butter


Chia Butter consists of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids, which are required for optimum skin health. It contains powerful phytonutrients as well as antioxidants such as Vitamin E.

It protects the skin against the abuse of environmental elements, thereby helping to prevent the signs of aging skin. Chia Butter is an ideal ingredient in moisturizing formulations, as it prevents water-loss by protecting skin’s moisture barrier and keeps the skin hydrated, making it look plump and radiant.

Chia Butter can also be added to formulations for homemade lotions and creams that are intended to soothe dry and itchy skin, as it restores vital moisture and reduces redness.

Common Uses of Butters:

• Body massage
• Hair mask
• Creams
• Lotions
• Soaps
• Pomades
• After-Sun Creams and Lotions
• Sun Protection Products
• Hair Conditioners

Recommended Usage:

• Lotions & Creams: 5 – 20 %
• Balms: 5 – 100 %
• Bar Soaps: 5 – 20 %
• Hair Conditioners: 2 – 5 %



Recommended Storage: Please note that this butter should ideally be stored in a refrigerator to maintain its texture. It will become soft in warmer temperatures.

Shelf Life: Store in cool temperatures (below 25 °C) away from light and moisture in an air-tight container. The product will become liquid above ambient temperatures (e.g., 36 °C), but will re-solidify upon cooling without affecting functionality. This butter has a shelf-life of 18 months when stored properly.

Cautions: For external use only; a skin test is recommended prior to use.

Chia Butter: Chia Seed Oil (Extra Virgin) And Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil

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